Wednesday, 26 November 2008

Software Craftsmanship 2009 Conference

I'm involved in helping set-up and run a new conference in London about "building it right". It's called the Software Craftsmanship 2009 Conference. The website is now live thanks to Jason Gorman who's chairing the conference and it's all systems go. Registration is free and opens on the 1st of December, proposals for presentations and tutorials are due by the 1st of Jan 2009.

As the site says:
"This conference is all about the principles and practices, and the disciplines and habits, that distinguish the best 1% of software professionals from the 99% who are failing their customers and failing their profession by taking no care or pride in their work and delivering buggy, unreliable and unmaintainable code."

This is an area that I feel hasn't had enough focus in recent years, and Software Craftsmanship is something I'm really keen on learning more about. As software craftsmen and craftswomen we are professionals and that needs to be reflected in the software we create. I want to be sure that the software I write is of the best possible quality and this conference is a great way to learn from the experts how to do just that. It's a conference where some of the best software professionals in the world will be gathering to compare notes and share what they've learnt, so get involved.

Of course, if you are already part of that illusive 1% then why don't you submit a proposal for a tutorial or presentation and show us all how it's done... Lasse?